What Women ACTUALLY Want

MEN!!! “There is no scripture in the Bible that instructs women to love. When a woman is cared for and feels safe, she loves automatically.” – Bishop Clinton Foster

Men keep asking for a simplified answer to “What women want” but then complicate relationships when we get in them by choosing not to protect our women. All women want from a relationship is safety, security and to be loved on by her man and when you drop the ball, she’ll drop you.

In the Bible’s rendition of creation, before Eve stepped on the scene everything she needed was provided, organized, and given a name so that when she was given to Adam as a “help meet” she could immediately and effectively carry out her responsibility to help Adam be what God called him to be. When things are out of place or she feels vulnerable with out an anchor, a woman will eventually show external signs of fear. When in a relationship she will look towards the man she is with for protection. The stronger the feeling of vulnerability the stronger the sign of fear. Most men dont understand this concept and our simplistic way of thinking often generalizes our mate’s actions as “crazy,” but if we took time to stop and search deeper for the origin of her activity, more times than not she’s dealing with feeling unprotected. There’s some level of insecurity. An insecurity is simply an internalized uncomfortable feeling about a situation usually stemming from a past emotional wound . Men, on the surface it may seem that your mate is attacking you, but really she’s communicating her vulnerability. Find ways to protect her. Creative ways of protection will tether her to you more closely.

Real talk, men want protection and security too, we just take a longer span of time to figure that out along with how to effectively communicate our feelings and not feel like “sissy”. Ladies encourage your mate that it’s ok to talk to you, that you won’t perceive him differently no matter what he tells you, and that whatever he speaks stays between the two of you. No matter how you find out things good or bad, men want to know that they have someone that can “hold water” as they say. The moment you use information whether he gave he provided to you or not as a weapon to manipulate a situation, you lose.

And also ladies…. men only protect the things or people they care about. If you feel unprotected and vulnerable in your relationship its because the man you’re with doesn’t care for you as much as you think he does. To find this out come up with healthy ways to inform him that you need his protection and that you don’t feel safe. If he loves you, he will do what he can to make sure that feeling doesn’t exist from that point on. If he does nothing, accept the fact that you may not need to be together.

“Happy wife, happy life.” Find ways to add peace to your lives. Men, protect your woman’s heart and you will always keep it. Women, nuture your man’s mind and his heart will follow.


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