Far too many of…

Far too many of us “stand for something” to be accepted but in actuality we’re really standing behind the shadows of someone else. When your door is closed, and lights are off; when no one is around you, you deny who you really are to be accepted by mainstream. Unchecked character will ruin where your talents placed you.

We use quotes from great leaders when we truly don’t practice the message we simply believe in the fad of the name. The majority of Christians truely don’t have the love of Jesus Christ; thier just fans of the man. Nelson Mandela stated powerful words to combat oppression yet we find ways to emotionally and spiritually defeat one another on a daily basis. Malcolm X, The Honorable Marcus Garvey, Sojouner Truth the list can goes on of men and women who stood in thier convictions and did not waver. How dare we pervert thier quotes as if we feel the same but seek to hurt and destroy? We have no right. Real leaders go against the grain in spite of. Real leaders set trends. Real leaders create a new path. Real leaders create ways despite not having. Real leaders can’t be bought. 

I will not be bought.

Divine purpose. Walk in it. Stop taking.


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