Who Am I



There’s times I feel like giving up;
Like I’m not heard.

But every word is a bird that takes flight
In the minds I’m sent to serve. 

I don’t take it lightly.
In spite of the all glory that I lack,
I’m not in it for that.

I see The End Game.
My purpose is pure,
And I’m sure that in due time
You’ll see I came to build you up
In His name.
Even Jesus had to leave home
To minister to the people
He came to save.
In this way I AM
Like him,
Cuz even though you see me by the struggles I endured in front of you,
I don’t live under you,
I live among you who can see
Rome is burning
And experience multitudes
Of death, filth, and famine,
Sex, thrills, and damage.
Disgusting how what witness on
Our tv screens.
So you’ll never see the real you.
We only see those
That show us how to defeat truth.
The real you is bottled up inside
And the pride that covers it all
Is bound to fall.
We out here in survival mode
Fighting to “have it all”
But the “all” we’re reaching for
Never fulfills.
What are you gained?


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