It’s OK to Comment… Lol



Sometimes I wonder why few people comment on posts. I don’t take it personal when readers don’t comment on the articles I place on WordPress. I understand. I was once like you. I wasn’t sure what to say after reading someone else’s mind on a page. Thoughts, emotions at times, but very insightful thoughts can connect people across the world via WordPress. To me that’s the beauty of this type of social medium. But as the reader, your inner words have just as much insight and power in them as the words you’re seeing on the screen. In my mind I’m thinking readers are too shy shy to let them go but then again to even just step outside of your comfort zones and explore a site like this one in itself is courageous. I want you to know our thoughts, your emotions, your opinions are just as valid as mine.

My hope was that  Thought Provoking Thinking would provoke thought yes, but after the thought, you must take action for it mean anything to you or it was just a waste of your time. For me hitting the like button means I scanned through something and thought it was interesting. But leaving a comment means I started to scan through it, saw something that caught my attention and began to read between the lines enough to ignite a thought connected to some emotion.

I don’t want a bunch of people who commend me or agree with my thoughts. I would love to hear alternative opinions so that we learn from one another; make waves that touch all areas of the globe.

So if you disagree, leave a comment. If you agree, leave a comment from your perspective. If you just like it, then just hit like. But if it sparks something in you, emotions or a thoughts, please, let me know how you really feel. Don’t hold back; and I will do my best to provide the same. Love ya’ll and thanks for reading.


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