A New Standard

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I’m a young brutha attempting to create a standard; make a change in the world we live in instead of just going with the flow and its disappointing at times that our people care more about what celebs, or athletes, or politicians are doing in their personal lives but see a brutha grinding to get an alternative message out there and we look past him… He’s not that important. Its so many of us young black soldiers out here promoting positivity but ya’ll have tuned off your hearts and minds…

I say this, not in anger, but in LOVE.

Those of you who I’ve come in contact with to help spread the message will be the same ones jumping on the band wagon after this takes off running and will say I forgot where I came from and didn’t come back or claiming you were with me from the ground level. The God in me won’t turn my back on you…. BUT DON’T EXPECT OPEN ARMS EITHER!! Love ya’ll!


A New Standard

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