I Am Just A Number

As a USMC veteran I am DISGUSTED by the Pentagon’s actions. As I was being discharged in May of 2012 I saw funding being cut for military families and tuition assistance while every Marine pilot received an iPad  to take with them in the cockpit…. Wait….

Now as a veteran, I found out real quick that the so called “vet programs” don’t give a damn about vets. I struggle to get even basic needs. When I ask for help, programs like Operation Home Front and others like them give a list of criteria you must meet or reasons why you don’t qualify for assistance. So to hear this….. I just want to look whoever does these mysterious “plugs” in the Pentagon’s budget dead in the eyes and ask them “WHERE THE F**K DID ALL THAT MONEY GO???!!!”

Seriously. We line the pockets of corporations and the human capitol is oblivious to it because we are expendable to government officials.  POLITICIANS SEE AMERICAN CITIZENS AS JUST A NUMBER. They play by averages.

I guarantee you nothing will happen. No questions will be asked. Politicians will keep quiet. The President will go about his business making speeches. We all will go about our day and it SUCKS because no one holds the American government accountable for cheating while they throw us in a pit of fire for nickel and diming a few bucks on our taxes. This is such a travesty but again it will be swept under the rug because the people don’t know what to do other than call “Call your congressman!” which is another joke they tell us to make us feel like we’re a part of the decision making in this country when really unless you make a scene, risking credibility and freedom, your voice means nothing! Unless you challenge the status quo directly, you’ll be pushed to the waste side. Whats worse is unless you get the masses “turnt up” and bloodthirsty, none of you will even seek changes to be made.

Ask yourselves “Why do I have to risk my life and well being in order for the American government to hear me cry?” The answer is because the American government isn’t designed to serve the citizens, the citizens serve the government.

I’m sick and tired, but enough of us aren’t mindful enough to really make the differences that this country needs. I love it here. But the conditions, economic corruption of government, and the carelessness of our citizens makes America so much harder to live in and have real freedom.

Don’t be a number. Voice your opinion. Talk. Ask questions. Be aware. Fight.

Because you matter.

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One thought on “I Am Just A Number

  1. We will always have to fight against the machine aka the government or the man. All we can do is find our way around it. People have been fighting this fight forever and will continue to fight it. I think we should make sure we out ourselves in the position where we don’t have to rely on the system.is it fair? Hell no? Is the right thing to do is to look out for each other? Hell yes! But don’t always expect it.

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