The Words of Your Heroes


…..your heroes words really don’t mean SHIT to you….

We oooh and awww over the quotes past leaders have spoken when really, we just read them and make no attempt to systemically change anything.

I love my brother President Obama for the efforts in unifying nations, but domestically….

Our brother President Obama gave a speech on “income inequality” the other day and the mediocre solution his administration came up with to combat the devestating “threat” of the income gap is federal investment in pre-K education and unemployment benefits???? Seriously???

Think yall! For real…..

That will not solve anything. Pre-K education does nothing to the bankers and 1% of America who own the majority of the wealth in the U.S. and pay less taxes than you do. How does that make sense? And the confusion of our economy doesn’t stop there.

We are captivated by people who can stand in front of a microphone, or any platform, and say the things we wish we could. But to post pictures of thier quotes on Facebook without really considering the position of the individual, historical context as to why what was said was said, and a lack of understanding as to the meaning behind the words said PREVERTS  AND DESENSITIZES THE IMPACT OF THE WORDS & THE INDIVIDUAL WHO SAID IT.

So basically…… stop acting like you follow leaders after they have fallen and IDOLIZE them as if you feel the same way they do because you don’t. You’re a fan of the image of the person, not the ideas the person believes. Because if we did believe, the President wouldnt have a chance to discuss “income inequality” in a formative speech like it will solve something because the people rose up to change our own condition.

Understand that our GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US not the other way around. If all it takes is a PHONY SPEECH & SOCIAL TOKENS TO KEEP US QUIET….. then that’s all the solution you will get. Nothing more,  nothing less.

Wake up yall.

Know Thy Self


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