The Village Mentality Rebirth

“Today we have people raising children that won’t even allow thier children to be held accountable by the community.  So what do you think the communty’s going to turn into? Anarchy…..”
-Mr. Aaron Wooten Community Activist


We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child right?  But we’ve become individualists, to the point where people would rather compete with the plethora of external forces that bombard our children. From music, to advertisements, to thier peers, to even our education system that indoctrinates our children into dominant culture; these forces engage your children throughout the day so that your 2-3 hr window of opportunity in that day to impact your child in a positive way is in jeopardy. 

No matter our ethnicity, if we don’t circle our wagons in our respective communities (friends, church, neighborhoods, etc.), or surround our children with positive influences that aren’t afraid to see them doing wrong and check them in love, we will see firsthand the deterioration of the legacy you’ve been working to build. If you’ve been working to build one.

The problem is, not being able to trust someone elses intentions with your child….its sad that we live in a society where we even have to question that, but depite the condition of our human race, there are still good people in this world that care about the condition we are in; and who are mature enough to point out wrongs in a constructive way. FIND THEM!! And if a stranger checks your child for doing something you know is wrong don’t act like a child and attack the adult, talk to your child. The adult is doing us all a favor. Because when your child is in front of the judge 10 years later facing a prison sentence, the question of “Well where are the parents?” may come up. And you having to do raise children by yourself isn’t a sufficient excuse when having “the village mentality” can ease your stuggle.

I pray one day, that this mentality infects our minds and hearts and we can live, be fruitful, and multiply without fear.
God bless.

Inside Nianda Speaks


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