Inside Nianda Speaks: From Me To You

A deeper sense to life I feel….
To know thyself and see whats real.
Concealed was the truth to me,
Now everything is new to me.
My perception of reality,
Is more than just one man can see.
Perfection. No discrepancies
Is what our lives are meant to be.
A shame how we let our hurts, work for our own damaging……….
I guess I just wanted to live.
Now understanding the truth about my being gives me more peace than one life can give.
In knowing me I know you.
In knowing me I show you,
An example of what life’s supposed to grow to.
Busy being “seen” but if we’re honest with ourselves nobody knows you.
Hiding behind our screens, selfish dreams are what we go to.
And thus…..
Knowledge of thy ownself is a must.
Knowledge IS power, but see we use power to self destruct.
And I’m done…..
Cuz really my battle has just begun. Winning hearts and minds is easier said than than done but I see it.
And whatever I aspire to I can be it.
Forget fame or facebook likes cuz no one reads this.
Achievement is whatever I say it is.
So reaching just one soul ain’t the goal I want the whole world to stay and live.
So live.
Whatever God placed on your heart to find truth within ourselves is your gifts to our race.
So in advance….. Thanks.
I love yall. Even if I never see you again. Impressive how we all can just pretend…….
Know thyself.

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