Be Fulfilled

The real treasure in knowing someone is the connections we share with them and how those unions impact our lives some how, some way.

Too often we get stuck in superficial, mutually unfulfilling connections, but because of “Homeostasis,” we return to what’s comfortable.

Immediate need is comfortable.

Regardless if its our redundant church fix every Sunday, losing ourselves in sexual escapades, or our obsession with other people’s drama, feeding only our immediate needs and not seeking fulfilling connections gets us stuck in unnecessary obligations.

So dig deeper. Be vulnerable. Ask questions and share knowledge. Be an example.


Because supercial connections will only hold you till the next fix, and even though the impact on your life seems marginal, you dont realize how drained you are from having no fulfilling connections.

Know Thyself

Inside Nianda Speaks


2 thoughts on “Be Fulfilled

  1. Im diggin this M. Just keep your head up high and keep living abundantly and keep learning how to decipher real intentions & people from fake! Life is not done with you, and your not done with life!

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