Pope Francis Goes Off!!

God bless him for his strong words and mighty  convictions but his cry will fall on deaf ears. While The Pope has influence, the voice of Israel has a stronger grip on the rise and fall of Capitalism. Pope Francis’ truth will be over taken by your addiction to “Scandal” and you will stay blind to the fact that your money doesnt fulfill your progression, it guides your oppression….

Don’t be a fool. Or be a fool and accept it

Know Thy Self

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The Village Mentality Rebirth

“Today we have people raising children that won’t even allow thier children to be held accountable by the community.  So what do you think the communty’s going to turn into? Anarchy…..”
-Mr. Aaron Wooten Community Activist


We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child right?  But we’ve become individualists, to the point where people would rather compete with the plethora of external forces that bombard our children. From music, to advertisements, to thier peers, to even our education system that indoctrinates our children into dominant culture; these forces engage your children throughout the day so that your 2-3 hr window of opportunity in that day to impact your child in a positive way is in jeopardy. 

No matter our ethnicity, if we don’t circle our wagons in our respective communities (friends, church, neighborhoods, etc.), or surround our children with positive influences that aren’t afraid to see them doing wrong and check them in love, we will see firsthand the deterioration of the legacy you’ve been working to build. If you’ve been working to build one.

The problem is, not being able to trust someone elses intentions with your child….its sad that we live in a society where we even have to question that, but depite the condition of our human race, there are still good people in this world that care about the condition we are in; and who are mature enough to point out wrongs in a constructive way. FIND THEM!! And if a stranger checks your child for doing something you know is wrong don’t act like a child and attack the adult, talk to your child. The adult is doing us all a favor. Because when your child is in front of the judge 10 years later facing a prison sentence, the question of “Well where are the parents?” may come up. And you having to do raise children by yourself isn’t a sufficient excuse when having “the village mentality” can ease your stuggle.

I pray one day, that this mentality infects our minds and hearts and we can live, be fruitful, and multiply without fear.
God bless.

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After the Laughter: Open Letter to Comedian Reggie Reg



Dear Reggie Reg,

First of all, I just want to say thank you again, for the opportunity to open up for you sir. Spoken word and a comedic performance go hand in hand in my point of view. We both use words, no music, as an artistic expression to communicate our perceptions or passions on a subject in a way that causes the audience to experience different emotions. Our artistries can also be seen as our way of being transparent to encourage an audience to action….

What pushed me to write this letter is not only my identification with your artistry, but your bravery; to step out of your “expected niche” of making people laugh, to end the show with a serious segment on the state of our people and what we need to do to fix it.

The impressions were dead on, the jokes were off the chain, and the whole theater damn near died laughing. Im sure you view laughter as natural medicine. We need to laugh to temporarily forget our issues, our pains, our frustrations and worries. You helped us do that last night. But you ended the show by stepping out the box; almost saying “Even though the NOI united for a time to laugh, our people as a whole is in desperate need of unity…… or the laughter will be cease to exist…..”

So what happens after the laughter?

Black people are scattered and disconnected; by church affiliations or religions (Pentacostal or Nation of Islam), by cultural differences (black Americans or Nigerians), by generational gaps, by skin color, by socio-economic ideologies (ghetto mentality or bourgeoisie), and the list goes on right? We catagorize ourselves. Label ourselves. Seperate ourselves from ourselves. And the only way we all can advance is if we unite, create, and define for ourselves.

I appreciated your transparency; to give a message that embraced our people despite your celebrity; to still be an artist after all the years of dealing with Hollywood; to use your comedic platform as a way to spread a positive cause.

Thank you for blessing San Diego. I wish more would’ve witnessed it but at the same time, those who were there are the ones that were meant to hear the charge and run with it. I pray we take heed.

We have leadership in this city that can do great things for the black community. We’re just so disconnected. Everyone has their own agenda; their own problems to fix. But if we come together, address the concerns together, we can cure the concerns, together.

Again sir thank you for opportunity to open for you and blessings be upon you and yours.

Much respect,

Inside Nianda Speaks



“People act in response to the way they perceive the situation they are in and what they think is at stake for them in that situation.”
-Michael Schwalbe

Nice quote from a book I’m reading called the “Sociologically Examimed Life” hat brought up a good question to discuss I think. When we lie, its almost always to protect what you feel is in jeopardy right? So is there times when a lie is necessary?

Thoughts anyone?

Inside Nianda Speaks: From Me To You

A deeper sense to life I feel….
To know thyself and see whats real.
Concealed was the truth to me,
Now everything is new to me.
My perception of reality,
Is more than just one man can see.
Perfection. No discrepancies
Is what our lives are meant to be.
A shame how we let our hurts, work for our own damaging……….
I guess I just wanted to live.
Now understanding the truth about my being gives me more peace than one life can give.
In knowing me I know you.
In knowing me I show you,
An example of what life’s supposed to grow to.
Busy being “seen” but if we’re honest with ourselves nobody knows you.
Hiding behind our screens, selfish dreams are what we go to.
And thus…..
Knowledge of thy ownself is a must.
Knowledge IS power, but see we use power to self destruct.
And I’m done…..
Cuz really my battle has just begun. Winning hearts and minds is easier said than than done but I see it.
And whatever I aspire to I can be it.
Forget fame or facebook likes cuz no one reads this.
Achievement is whatever I say it is.
So reaching just one soul ain’t the goal I want the whole world to stay and live.
So live.
Whatever God placed on your heart to find truth within ourselves is your gifts to our race.
So in advance….. Thanks.
I love yall. Even if I never see you again. Impressive how we all can just pretend…….
Know thyself.

Be Fulfilled

The real treasure in knowing someone is the connections we share with them and how those unions impact our lives some how, some way.

Too often we get stuck in superficial, mutually unfulfilling connections, but because of “Homeostasis,” we return to what’s comfortable.


Immediate need is comfortable.

Regardless if its our redundant church fix every Sunday, losing ourselves in sexual escapades, or our obsession with other people’s drama, feeding only our immediate needs and not seeking fulfilling connections gets us stuck in unnecessary obligations.

So dig deeper. Be vulnerable. Ask questions and share knowledge. Be an example.


Because supercial connections will only hold you till the next fix, and even though the impact on your life seems marginal, you dont realize how drained you are from having no fulfilling connections.

Know Thyself

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Its Your Life

Only you determine the outcomes of your life’s journeys.

While there can be structural barriers (laws and institutions) set in place that may discourage achievement, its up to you to educate yourself on these barriers and navigate around them to get your needs met.

We can no longer blame “the enemy” or the “the devil” or “the government” for problems in ouselves and society. At this point we know they exist and continue to co-exist with them. STOP SETTLING FOR EXISTANCE AND LIVE!!!

Your quality of life will increase once that decision is consistantly made in every area of your life. 

Know Thyself

Inside Nianda Speaks