Foregiveness Told

So in thinking about the word forgiveness…. I thought about how, at the end of the day, forgiveness is really about the person forgiving. Making amends. Creating a means of communication through the sacrificing of oneself in order to create peace among beings.


Its starts within YOU FIRST….. FORGIVE YOURSELF FIRST for all wrong doings in your life no matter when or where they came from, they will reoccur in your present being…..

Life is  a cycle. It just goes, and goes, and goes. And in going things happen good and bad, but life, just goes, and goes, and goes. Decisions are made that vary in scale that cause harm and pain, or glory and success….. but life goes…..

And in going, we encounter MISTAKES, or HURTS, and PAINS that we just go through, even though life is going, these things are bound to happen. A lot of times no matter how, what, or who started the hurt we blame or second guess or question ourselves for things that started, then led up to, then caused the hurt, or mistake, or pain that you felt.

We hold on to it.

Even though we nod, or say “Its ok…” or say we’re over it….

As you think that life has passed over that hurt, or mistake, or pain…  and its all good….

That pain, or mistake, or hurt will come back again. And with unforgiveness on your heart that mistake, or pain, or hurt can DESTROY YOU!!

To the point where you’re willing to accept a an idea of yourself that REALLY ISN’T YOU!!!

To the point where we’re sitting in jail, wasting or knowledge, our passions and intelligence away!

To the point where we’re willing to kill, steal, lie, cheat, destroy, maim, degrade, defeat, ourselves and one another!

To the point where we’re willing to create and tear apart FUTURES by using our CHILDREN AS SACRIFICIAL LAMBS to our emotional strongholds.

To the point where  people, whom at one point emotionally connected at love, can only come together now in hate.

We hold unforgiveness to the point where it destroys us. When all we really have to do is forgive ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Foregiveness Told

  1. You definitely have to forgive yourself, but when it concerns other people folks have to remember that forgiveness is GIVEN and it can’t be forced.

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