What We’ve Lost…..


It’s bothered me…

For a time I’ve been angered, but more in a way to fuel understanding. To understand the world around me. To understand our places, my place, our races places in it.


Have you ever wondered how that word came to be? How it came  to describe the color of skin or a consistent mental state of inferiority? What are we racing toward? Race implies a competition. A winner. A finish that needs to be attained.

But what is it that we’re racing towards?

Race is a man made social structure that has separated us from our Creator. And we will continue to walk our Creator’s land that he has given to us to grow, to be one with Him, to duplicate, to live, to survive, to love, to strive, in royalty, and knowledge, and discipleship, and brotherhood…… Earth was given to us to do these things with it, in it, and for it, but we will continue to be LOST in it, if we continue to race against it….

We, I mean us as Black, or African, or African-American, or Original Asiatic people, have lost our origins. And we’ve allowed ourselves to be captivated by the preoccupation with POWER that Europeans have shown us since their beginning.300

To the point where we have learned to hate one another. Learned to kill one another. Learn that money is everything. Learned that The job that you have to work that isn’t what you love but you have to keep because it’s the only way you will have a roof over you and your family, but it’s eating at you everyday, killing you everyday, stressing you everyday…..


We’re lost to the point where we keep ASKING the government to help us, but then turning around and giving their money back to them, or Asians, or Arabs, or any other people BUT OR OWN because we OWN NOTHING.

We’re lost to the point where all people have been relegated to a posture of submission to any white man since the beginning of of our contact with Europeans… or face DEATH. And nothing has changed, despite our strongest objections.

We’re lost to the point where we “bang on” each other about who has the best pastor….. or sheik….. or priest….. thinking that where you worship is more important than your personal relationship with our Creator.

We’ve lost that. And in losing that, we’re allowing the destruction of ourselves. That silent inner pain that exists in your heart when you think about your personal situation, gets overcome by that hope, that peace, that everything is going to be OK. And you can breathe again.

We will breathe again.

We always find a way to breathe again.

We just have to wake up and find ourselves.

Inside Nianda Speaks


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