Holy Ghost Praise

So I saw this video…. and I’m not going to lie I fell out laughing. Its funny. You can’t deny that at all. But for me it raises a deeper, bigger question that I think we all should be asking about this…. situation….

What is this “Holy Ghost” and how is it that this man caught it with Beyonce when its only supposed to be felt from Jesus?

Now some may view that as an ignorant question, but let me give you a little background on myself before I get attacked. I was raised in the church. Read the Bible back and forth and can quote scriptures like some preachers. Went to church damn near 4 days out of the week at one point. I was told numerous times that I would be a preacher one day….Out of my 28 years of life I’ve spent maybe 25 of them, in the church. 16 of those 25 years my father was a Presbyterian pastor. I’ve been in Catholic churches, Baptist churches, Pentecostal churches, Methodists, A.M.E., you name a denomination of Christianity I’ve probably sat in at least one service…. besides Mormon or Jehovah Witness which I came close to but decided not to at the last minute. My wife attended that service….. I say that to say even though I don’t see things in a Christian mentality, I know what the Holy Ghost is. Despite that I have an alternative view and I practice my belief in God in a different way than Christianity, I’ve seen what the belief in the Holy Ghost does to people and the effect it has on people’s lives. So I’m not mocking anyone’s belief by any means…. But even though I have an idea, I still do wonder… and question….. what it is…. really. And so here we are.

I’ve had people come up to me and say that I don’t “act like” I have the Holy Ghost… in the church. I’ve heard people say that they’ve had a church member ask them why they aren’t “happy” to be in the house of the Lord because they haven’t “caught the Ghost”… in the church. And then we have this gentleman here who, is not in the church, and in fact not even listening to a gospel song and he appears to be”catching the Ghost.” How can that be? Or is that not considered “catching the Ghost” because he isn’t in church? And that it’s a celebrity he’s “worshiping?” Or is it not the Ghost because the song she’s singing is telling her man to pack his bags and get to steppin? Is this emotional outburst, this physically overwhelming sensation he felt, this… out of body, orgasmic pulsating of his whole physical being ….  any different than someone… in the church, “catching the Ghost”?

I don’t think it is.

I think that “catching the Ghost” or being “Holy Ghost filled” is just another term for the church to explain something they don’t really know how to explain, but to did it in a way to solidify their belief in the minds and hearts of people. A devine experience usually cant be put into words for those who have been through it. And to say that its a Ghost, something you cant really see but know its there, will make sense to someone who practices Christianity. You have God, our father, the creator watching over you, you have Jesus who died for your sins and is the physical manifestation of God himself for you to set your eyes to as an example to follow, and you have the Holy Ghost here on Earth with you, who moves through you and conjures up only the good emotions that you should feel if you’re a real Christian….

In my opinion, the Holy Ghost is just a way to explain an emotional, joyous, and sometimes out of body experience, or the peace you feel when you stop and look at Mother Nature and take in it’s true beauty. The Holy Ghost could be just a Christian way to explain the feeling you feel when your favorite track comes on Pandora and you turn the music up just a little louder. Its that feeling you feel when you see your kids smile or laugh or show some kind of glimpse of happiness you remember having at that age. The Holy Ghost could be that emotional cry you have when you remember a simple moment you had with someone who has long been gone. Or the triumphant outburst you have when you get all the notes right to a song on “Guitar Hero.” Or on a real instrument for that matter. And yes, the Holy Ghost could very well be that feeling that this man felt, when Beyonce Knowles touched his hand in a concert that he’d probably been dying to go to….

That was the Ghost. An emotional outburst that overtook this man to the point where Beyonce probably healed that man from sickness. Gave him hope to fight another day. Gave him an outlet to let his cares go and release them on to her stage. In his mind, he was touched by an angel and who are any of us to tell him different? Who are we to ecplain what is unexplainable to him? Who are we to explain a divine experience for someone who felt that experience?

I “caught the Ghost” twice in my lifetime and both times weren’t in the church….

Thanks for listening. If you’re upset post a comment. Let me know how you really feel.

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10 thoughts on “Holy Ghost Praise

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  2. Please, can you tell me why you keep using the term “catching the Holy Ghost”? That within itself is not biblical. The Holy Ghost is not something that you can catch like a disease. The Holy Ghost is a being and is alive. I totally disagree with you about the emotional display of this young man!!! He was overcome with emotions, that was all. Had he been overcome by the Holy Ghost, it would not be in the process of praising a person. We are allowed emotions apart from the Holy Ghost, it’s all about how we chose to display those emotions. Believe you me, When you have had a REAL experience with the Holy Ghost, there is no way you can ever call it anything else. The problem with most people is, they have had moments of emotions and because it happened to have been in a church setting, they automatically want to call it the Holy Ghost. If you ever do a study on the Holy Ghost or have a genuine experience with Him, you will discover that HE is nothing to play with! Why attempt to explain something that you know nothing about? Why do you put a label on a video without the benefit of speaking to the person who displayed those emotions? A monkey can get excited. Does that mean he has the Holy Ghost? Please be careful when you approach a subject without the benefit of intellect, it only makes you look stupid!!!

    • Those were powerful words from a very powerful man and speaker. Thank you for you comments pastorclinton. To answer your questions I used the term “catching the Holy Ghost” because it’s in the title of the video I saw. This article wasn’t taking a biblical stance at all. I think the person who uploaded the video thought that this man overcome with emotions at a Beyonce concert, displayed the same actions as someone would when they “caught the Ghost” in church and uploaded it for our entertainment. As I stated in the article, nobody knows what this man felt, its all speculation based off of what we saw in the video. And one who has been overcome with emotion or has had a divine encounter will describe in the religious or non religious language that they believe. A Christian will describe it one way. A Buddhist will describe it another. An Agnostic will describe it in a completely different way. The question boils down to are they the same and what do we individually believe a divine experience really is, not whether we believe he “caught the Ghost” or not. I don’t think there is a blanket answer, but I do think that being overcome with emotion can be part of a divine experience. Ky word “can be.” Questions like these get people talking, emotions flying, and sets the atmosphere for debate and education on different beliefs. Again, as I stated in the article, it wasn’t intended to offend or demean anyone’s beliefs and I pray its not taken that way. But if it is, we’re all welcome to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and posting.

  3. I understand your viewpoint but disagree totally. I don’t know if this man caught the Holy Ghost, got overly excited or if he was just plain happy to see her but who are we to sit and point a finger and say he caught the Holy Ghost?? I don’t believe you were sitting inside of him when that happened so that is just an observation and opinion of others what he went through. You have a profound mind brotha. I propose this question to you.. have you ever caught the Holy ghost?

      • Your welcome! I only ask that because I know sometimes it’s hard for people to understand or comprehend or make sense of spirituality if they never gone through it. On the other hand, being that you have it also to me makes sense that you would have a different outlook on it if perhaps something spiritually negative you went through in your personal life. Regardless it’s no excuse that I’m trying to give you for having your opinion we are all human and internalize and comprehend things differently. So I can appreciate your objective point of view on this particular subject.

      • I don’t think you have to be spiritual in order to understand spirituality. That’s like saying to understand football you should play on a football team. I also think that basing an opinion on something from a negative experience usually gives a biased perspective. Not saying you said I did that about my position, but I’m just putting that out. I do think that a negative experience can open the door to question situations that we’re in. I don’t have a negative view of the Christian church or any religious practice. I just take a different stance when looking at it.

      • Oh and by the way I just wanted to let it be known I don’t feel that you have to be inside of the Church in order to catch the Holy Ghost I think it is a matter of how you feel and your connection with God And your personal spiritual growth within yourself!

  4. I disagree with you. I feel like you’re saying this young man caught the holy ghost but how do you know that? Where in the video goes he admit to catching the holy ghost? It’s funny how some are saying he caught the holy ghost while others are saying “a fan faints while hugging Beyonce”. We don’t know what he was feeling.

    I’m not sure how to write how I’m feeling right now but I know I completely disagree with us putting a personal way we relate to Jesus onto a human just because he looked similar to how other express their love to Jesus.

    • Well, in a way you agree with my point… I took a round about way of getting to it but the fact is, this man had a visible emotional outburst of joy, which is the same as what Christians would consider “catching the Holy Ghost,”even though from my understanding of Christian doctrine, dancing and shouting is only a tiny bit of what the Holy Ghost does or is.

      We don’t know what he felt, just like he may not even know what he felt, or just like people who have “caught the Ghost” will tell you they don’t know what they felt, it was just overwhelming.

      So saying “you caught the Ghost” to me is just saying “I was overwhelmed with emotion” but in a Christian lanuguage. People of different religions and backgrounds have probably felt the same feeling, but displayed them on different levels and named them different things.

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