Brain Freeze and Emotions

So I’ve been wanting to write. But when I come to a place when I can,  a thought I want to write about,  a message I want to get out, it never really formulates the way I want it to. It never comes out correctly, or at least the way I thought it through. I don’t want to put up BS. But i also don’t want to fit an orthodox message to tailor other people’s needs. “Thought Provoking Thinking” is a forum meant for me to get my thoughts out and create an atmosphere for questions to get answered, but too often I feel that I been seeking the approval of readers. Dont get me wrong, I love the feedback, the followers, and the comments.  But is that what this is for? Because the majority of people don’t comment,  the majority of people don’t like, the majority of people don’t share.  Shit the majority of people don’t even read….. so I, should be able to speak my mind right? Just lay my thoughts out for the world to see how I think or feel? How deep I can go or break things down?

I’m not mad or frustrated with anyone, but maybe a little at myself. Because I allowed myself to be conformed to what I thought would feed the people.What I thought the people needed to hear, when the reality is this isn’t an education session for you, this is a release for me. You just happened to stop by and read what I had to say. Peer into my mind and walk around in my heart a little while. Until my words really become nothing more than…… just thoughts.

Really all I need to do is just write. And if you so happen to read, thank you. If not thank you still. My goal isn’t to be famous but for my people to wake up and realize who you really are. And that’s something done unforced. My words can’t do that. My insight may help, but it won’t change you. Thats something only you can accomplish on your own.

I think the emotional expectation of a desired outcome nrimgs disappointment. But thinking rationally, my words my flow in a way that you may think is “nice” or “thoughtful”, but i have to write for me, and expect nothing I’m return. Thanks for listening


2 thoughts on “Brain Freeze and Emotions

  1. Sometimes we inspire people and we don’t even know it. Most of the time people stop by and never comment, but the impact your words had on them were so deep, they too, just as you, do not have the words. I’ve given many speeches and I walk away thinking, “These people don’t even like me”. The last time I walked away from a speech thinking “They didn’t like my speech”, “They’re not hearing what I’m saying”, or “They don’t understand”; those same people offered to pay my entire college education, but during the time I was speaking, I didn’t know I made an impact on them. It’s amazing.

    I believe your blog is helping people across the world. As a fan and reader of your blogs, I have to say, sometimes your words are so deep and thought provoking, I cannot respond. That’s a good thing… it forces me to think before replying… forces me to reexamine myself, my actions… my life. You’re very talented and if no one ever reads your work again, know that you have made an impact on my life.

    Be encouraged.

    • Well I thank you for that comment. I know I probably sounded like I was whining when I posted that. It’s good to know that a follower is actually positively affected by the words I speak. Like Hip Hop Harry says… words have power!!

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