The Price Of An Alternative Message

So I was listening to a show called “This American Life” on  NPR (Great station by the way!!) and there was a man telling a story on the show that sparked this next article you are about to read. I’ll try to tell the story as best I can so please, don’t qoute me on this.

Its the story of a man and his daughter. His 4 year old daughter was learning about Christmas in school so she asked her father what it meant. He said he told her it was about the birth of Jesus and explained the Nativity Story to her and bought her a children’s Bible and went over stories with her about Jesus’ teachings, more importantly the message of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

After that on another day he said they passed a church with a big crucifix and his daughter saw it and asked who and what that is. (I remember him saying specifically that because she was 4 this would be her first time hearing what he was about to say so he tried to explain it in a delicate but thorough way) He explained to her that he didnt tell her the end of Jesus’ life but that the statue is of Jesus and that because the Roman authorities at that time thought his message was radical and that it was doing more harm then good, they killed Jesus. He said his daughter thought about it a while, asked a few more questions and then left it alone.

So a bit after that on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday his daughter was out of school and he was off of work so he took her out to breakfast. He said at the resturant’s table someone left a newspaper and on the front page was a big picture of Martin Luther King Jr. So his daughter asked “Who is that?” He told her “He’s Martin Luther King Jr., a very important man and the reason you’re out of school today.” She said “Well what did he do?” He said “He was a great preacher.” His daughter asked, “About Jesus?” In which he replied, “Yes about Jesus. But he also had a message that people shouldn’t be treated differently because of what they look like. That everyone should be treated the same.” He said she thought a few seconds then asked “Isn’t that the same message Jesus said?” He said he never thought of it that way but replied, “Well yes, it is sort of the same.” He said his daughter sat quietly and thought for a few more minutes and then asked, “Did they kill him too?”

Don’t be naive, thinking that no one is reading your message. Dont think for a second that your message doesn’t mean anything. Dont think that your words dont have enough impact to chsnge somone’s life. Especially when your message goes against the norm.

Your life may depend on it.

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