Are You Really That Surprised?

I mean really?

A lot of us (black people) were looking at this case and thinking that it would give us some sort of justice for the tribulation we endure in America. The racial profiling, how black men are mishandled in the justice system, how white people seem to have the upperhand in the justice system, gun laws that we all deal with, the controversial “Stand Your Ground” Law, etc…. did we actually think that the George Zimmerman murder trial would solve some of these issues?

Honestly I am upset that he was aquitted. A young man’s life was ended due to miscommunication that could’ve been solved with words. Its not fair to the Martin family, and the Zimmerman family is also put in a dangerous situation based on the actions of this man. I said it before and I’ll say it again…. no one should’ve wound up dead in this altercation, and George Zimmerman being the adult in the situation should’ve handle it very differently.

But for us to think that a jury trial is a way of vindication for the problems we face as a people in this country is a bit naive. A jury looks narrowly at a situation and and makes a judgement based off what they think happened in the specicific moments that they are given. Social, racial, political issies aren’t resolved in this way. It needs to be discussed in a broad, open forum where different factions can weigh in and speak on it. Like this….

WordPress is a way for us to get our views out in a constructive way, take critism, make opinions known, rally a people, inform, progress, and overcome these issues that are plagueing our nations. I urge all of us to use it, don’t abuse it, and make your mind’s voice be heard by millions of people around the world. This forum brings like and opposing minds together at the same table to speak on whatever it is that moves us. We shoildnt take that lightly.

My heart goes out to the families of the 2 gentlemen involved in this shooting and I hope that both can find strength to go on. Most likely the NAACP or other black organizations will rally something up and say they did something, but really its local communities and family units that need should rally around ways to educate our children especially our boys so that they know whats happening around them. So that they know how to handle themselves rationally in situations like that which Trevon Martin was faced with. Because if they don’t know, your child could be the next one lying with a bullet in his chest, tagged as a thug who had drugs in his system who jumped on a man who claiming self defense because his skull was being bashed into cement but miraculously doesn’t have the physical damage of someone that has happened to. Educate yourself. Know yourself. And please yall be safe.


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