Its Obvious For A Thinking Man

Thank you Joffrey for the title of this thought process. We were talking about the state of American thinking and he hit me with a quote that rattle my bones, “Its obvious for a thinking man.” What he was referring to was the obvious hand of American government,  corperations, elitism, our banking systems, of how all these powers combine to keep the everyday average American bogged down into a mental state where legislation that can affect our lives is passed under our noses, a blindness to how the 10% to even 25% percent is taken out of our income for government expenses while the elite see little to damn near nothing taken from theirs, or how there us a complete empathy to the problems in our own communities we live in.

How is it that few people know our water source is depleting by the second and corporations are buying “ownership rights” to water that should be free? How is it that people have no clue that the “business of prison” has become publicly traded in the stock market? How is it that no one knows the US government has been supplying lethal arms to Al-Quida fighters in Syria? The same Al-Quida who we went after for the World Trade Center bombings. Supposedly they’re monitoring who the weapons go to…. Why is it we didnt know beforehand what the National Security Agency, the CIA, or the FBI was doing with our personal information. Why arent the American people informed?

I remember watching an interview with President Assad, president of Syria, and he was asked by Barbara Walters something to the effect of why he doesnt have the support of the Syrian people and I remember President Assad responding by saying “What leader has 100% support of his people? I do not have all, but i still have the majority” ……I thought about his answer for a long while.

I thought about the audacity of Barbara Walters to even ask a question like that. But in my thought process I see that its the same audacity that enables Americans to think we are still the world’s greatest country in the world. Its the same audacity that caused the lackadaisical attitude that we cannot be attacked on our mainland. Its the same audacity that enabled our president to tell a leader of another country that he needs to step down. More than once. Its the same audacity that causes us to intervene in other countries affairs with military force or lethal arms. Its the same audacity that keeps Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp open. The same audacity that our government uses to control its sheeple’s mentality through media propaganda, the capitalist mentality, debt, and our dependence on the government to take care of us. Its that audacity of…. hope. Because the longer we hope that things will change, the longer it will take for them to actually change. It was President Obama who ran on “hope” and “change” and the “audacity of hope”. But if you look at his major policy decisions they are no different than the Bush years, so what has changed? If you look at his minor policy decisions, they are tokens to pacify certain groups of people, but nothing he has done has brought actual change. I’m in no way putting the state of the American people now on the shoulders of Barack Obama, and i understand the inheretance he received from the Bush era, but as president, you should have a stance on something other than “bipartisan agreements” and healthcare reform. One major thing I learned about being a man is that you have to be capable of making tough decisions, even when they’re uncomfortable for some or even yourself. As president, in my humble assumption, you should be able to do that on a wide scale. Millions may be angry, but he should have a stance. Like in his healthcare bill, he took a stance and said this is what we’re going to do as a nation. This is a whole seperate issue, but “Obamacare” doesn’t fix all that much that’s wrong with our healthcare system in my opinion. It still makes insurance companies boat loads of money and the phrase “your premiums should see a decrease”…… should make your skin crawl, but it doesn’t because our minds are so jaded by our own lack that we don’t notice issues that affect us as a whole. Our jobs are more are priority because of the bills we have on our plate. The amount of debt we’re under. When in actuality what are we paying for? Electricity should be free. A water bill, that should be free flowing. Housing, communication, gas prices, over priced food…. what are we doing? Student loans of the average American bis taking them almost 20 years to pay when education should be free. What are doing? Why are we paying this?

I need people to wiegh in on this issue. If you agree or disagree. If you have comments post them. If there’s something you think we should know add them. This will affect all of us. Share, like, comment, enjoy. I have a feeling this only part 1.


One thought on “Its Obvious For A Thinking Man

  1. Well, the answer to your question, “How is it that the American people do not know”?, is a very simple one. We do not respond until we see how it directly effects us in our every day lives. When the banks were giving people bad loans or taking money, no one cared until homes were being taken and families were homeless. Or when community college only was only $12 a unit, no one took action to make sure that was the rate for the next 20 years because we thought we were safe, but now we are seeing we were never safe. Community college now cost $48 per unit and it was less than six years ago the price was only $12. What I am learning about people as a human race is, we are reactive people, not preventative.

    Thank you for the post.

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