George Zimmerman Murder Trial……. Stop Watching It

First I want to give my condolences to the family and friends of Trevon Martin. It was and still is a sad day in this country when a man can shoot someone, knowingly shoot someone,  and then be on trail with the possibility of walking away from it. Then when you factor in the age divide, on top of the educational gap, covered by the races of the suspect and victim, it makes what was a sad day, now devistating to our humanity.

Now because I absolutely hate reality tv, I think that the coverage of court cases that are deemed worthy for our eyes by whomever is just an extension of that genre. We as a people love drama, and we supposedly love reality or someone who “tells it like it is” for our entertainment.  The more offensive the better. I think that’s due to our own lack of realness or fearlessness that we admire in other people. Televising court cases bonds all the qualities people admire about reality tv. First of all something serious happened to get the parties to court. There is discussion of real events. There are various emotions being displayed. And the outcome of the “show” will change the lives of all involved….. with that being said, stop watching it. Your emotions are being used by tv networks to keep the class system of this nation alive. The more you watch, the more ads you will see. The more ads you see, the more you think you need. What you think you need, the easier your hard earned (or not) money will go to the hands of the wealthy, keeping them wealthy and you broke….. but I digress…..

The Trevon Martin case is upsetting on so many levels I don’t doubt that or question the emotional state of a parent losing a child, a friend losing a friend, or the families torn by the situation. But I do question the mental state of us as a nation. This case is being called the “Trevon Martin case.” Why is that? Why not the “George Zimmerman murder trail”? Why is the victim of the shooting the marquee label? Why has Trevon Martin’s name and credibility, his family, his friend Rachel (complete shame how the defense treated her) who took the witness stand, why are they being made to look crazy, illiterate, non credible? If George Zimmerman walks away from this it will clearly show the delusion this country is under. Zimmerman is under the radar, low profile, doesn’t say much to media, why? Its because he wants to appear rational to the jurers and American people. He needs us to think that he is incapable of pulling that trigger from emotion. That he made the right choice in using a sledgehammer to murder a disrespectful, arrogant uneducated, defiant fly. And it sucks because after the dust settles, and the case is closed, after family units’ lives are changed forever, we will continue our own, and the tv networks will find another case with some sizzle to occupy your emotional state. Whichever way this goes, no one will do anything to cause significant change in your life. No legislation will be passed. The “stand your ground” law will still be in effect. Our children will still be unsafe. And corporations will still use us to attain wealth. Its inevitable….. unless we decide to wake up from our tv induced slumber and TURN OUR TV’s OFF. Inform yourself. Know yourself. And love yourself. All these things will promote a peace among people that will last forever.

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7 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Murder Trial……. Stop Watching It

  1. I agree with you that we should stop watching the trial, for two reasons. First of all, it’s not our job to pass judgement on the accused or the victim. That is the job of the jurors. Unfortunately, you show in your comments that you have already done so before the trial even began.

    Secondly, we need to sop fueling news sensationalism. If no one would watch the highly manipulated, packaged and staged news tripe, news people might just go back to hard reporting on larger issues that really affect us.

    As for reality TV, I have enough crap in my real life already, thank you. I watched TV to escape from reality. Now there is no escape. I think this explains why our world is a lot less civil than it used to be. We are all trying to act as bad as they do on reality TV.

    • I see what you’re saying, but the accused admitted to shooting a young person in the chest. Regardless of what I say that’s just flat out wrong. We will never know the details of what happened because none of us were there when it happened. But even in self defense, which Zimmerman is claiming, unless Trevon Martin just bolted after him and beat him down and then Zimmerman fired his gun, Zimmerman should have been the adult in the situation. Violence is the inability to communicate your emotions effectively. If George Zimmerman, the elder, was incapable of communiting his feeling of fear to Trevon Martin, the minor, that shows immaturity on his part. Should Zimmerman be incarcerated for immaturity? Ask someone who’s sitting in prison for a crime commited as a minor. I personally don’t have a jail to put him in. I don’t have a heaven or hell to put him in either. But I can say that to kill a boy, regardleas if its within the law, is a bad judgement call on his part. And again, we don’t know all the details.

      Im not siding with either party. But a victim regardless of guilt or innocense of the accused is still just that, a victim. And his family and friends do not deserve the negativity they’ve received. Thanks forbyour comment.

      • Having personally had one of these “boys”, who outweighed me a good sight and towered over me, threaten to kill me and brandish a knife, I’m here to tell you that, had I had a gun and he actually attacked me, I would have used deadly force. Fortunately for all involved in my case, the police showed up in numbers before the situation got that far. Thank God the lock held until then.
        I definitely would not like to kill someone. But, if I were afraid for my life, I would protect it at all costs. There is no win in this situation. Whether or not Zimmerman was foolish and caused a confrontation is beside the point. If Martin was beating, Zimmerman, conduct regardless of life, his actions had an unfortunate result, for which Zimmerman cannot be held responsible. If not, then Zimmerman is guilty of something. In any case, there are lessons to be learned here. Neither vigilantism nor adolescent rage and thuggery have good ends. This should be kept in mind by anyone who dares to contemplate using the result of this trial as a springboard for further lawless behavior.,

      • I think you may be misundetstanding my comments so let me clarify. From what we know about the Zimmerman and Martin altercation, George Zimmerman being an adult shouldve had control of the situation before it got physical. As I stated, we don’t know the details of what happened, but we do kno words were exchanged, it got physical, and then lethal force was used by Zimmerman. I’m notnsaying lethal forcebisnnecer warrented, but in a situation like this one, no one had to die. Your situation, of course, being attacked by someone bigger, stonger than you, no time to think of anything but only defending yourself, you can argue that a is necessary. But what we know about this case, Zimmerman had an exit but his horrible judgement just didn’t allow him to take it and he pursued the what he deemed a threat. To me that’s not self defense, but as you said that’s for the jurors to decide.

        At the end of the day 2 lives were lost from an altercation that never had to happen and its sad for all involved.

  2. I think you discuss some very interesting points. Especially how we tend to refer to the trial as “The Trayvon Martin trial”. As a person who is interested in the case, I have read many articles and have watched the trial unfold and in my opinion, besides the reason for the trial, I think it’s sad how certain people are being made out to look. Many of the people who are being viewed at are young and part of the minority group. Overall, we are being misunderstood throughout this trial and throughout this nation.

    I am a fan of reality TV. It’s a escape from our own reality. It can be overwhelming at times, but it’s the same as an other method of escaping. It can become too much and may spill into your own life, but as I stated, so can any other method of escaping.

    It was great reading this. Keep it up.

  3. I certainly agree with most of your post. You raise some interesting points about both realty TV as well as the Treyvon Martin case. My problem with most of our people is that we do more complaining than action. Why is it that we as a people have the same rights as any other citizen of this country yet we sit on the sidelines and complain about a game we will not engage in. What I mean is, for decades most if what we as a people have done was complain about how slanted the ruled are but have refused to empower ourselves in order to change them. Can anyone please tell me what is the Black Agenda? Where do I go to get a copy of it? Who wrote it? And how does it work? It’s sad but true a young man lost his life and his killer could go free because of a law that has been on the books for years. What’s even sadder is that we as a nation if people only want to talk about what’s wrong. Who has a solution? The only thing reality TV is doing is capitalizing off of our need to be entertained by other people’s tragedies and negativity. Have you thought about who owns these stations and who produces these shows? Yes they keep getting richer and we are still broke wearing Gucci and Prada. We have to get in the game in order to change it! In other words, we have to own something in order to control it’s content. Stop complaining Black People and go to work to fix the problem!!!

    • Awesome pops thank you for your insight. I agree with all of what you said actually. Even though I focused majority on the pronlem, I think the first step in changing the way we think is to TURN OFF THE TV!!!!…. and inform yourself with the real issues. It is sad that we feed into the negativity but I also think the negativity keeps us stagnate so we aren’t solution minded. That shouldn’t be an excuse though.

      The black agenda is so unclear because since the late 60s we haven’t had a set standard bearer That the people can rally around. We’ve had some, but they’ve been discredited to a point where people see them for their issues and not the purpose they are striving to achieve. The people are looking for a squeaky clean representative when they don’t realize that we all have dirt on our hands. You cannot have your “Jesus Christ” leading black folk to paradise because none of us are “him.” By parenthesis I mean the image of Jesus Christ in Christiandom as no flaws, never sinned. As long as we have people trying to set an agenda there will always be an entity to tear it down, and there will always be our own people to believe the destroying entity.

      We have to know ourselves first and foremost. And it starts with men like you pops, men like me, men like Louis Farrakhan, who despite the issues they may have or had, despite our religions, despite our differences, still want to be heard and want to create a solution. We have to discuss these things so that a solution that covers humankind can be delivered to the people. Thanks for commentimg pops.

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