Alternative Minds Want to Know

Today, my brother and friend Minister Chris Banks had an insightful and “thought provoking” discussion via text messaging about religion. So insightful that I asked him if I can put upload it to Inside Nianda and he agreed. I thank my brother Minister Chris for his insight and his class in our discussion and I want him to know that this was only the beggining of a long needed discussion that will help people of all walks of faith. Ibwould love to hear comments and people encouraging my brother to start his own blog, because I promise you have not heard The Bible the way Minister Chris’s mind breaks it down. (IN) is myself, Inside Nianda. (CB) is Minister Chris Banks.

Here is our discussion in its entirety….

-Start of conversation-

IN: Yea man. I’m kinda moving away from the strictly Christian based point of view and studying a few other insights like buddhism, islam, and taoism. I think all religions have relevance and pretty much meet at a common place

CB: Hmmm, be mindful though, that while the attainment of the knowledge and wisdom of other belief systems and cultures is welcome and recommended, there is only One who is living, who gave up His own life to save all of ours. While some offer a glimpse of insight into this life, they do nothing for the one after. It would be advisable to spend as much effort discerning the difference between the “Christian” point of view and what God’s point of view actually is.
While it is a commonly accepted saying, it is inaccurate to assume they all lead to the same end. Examples are Darwinism, scientology, science, Greek mythology, agnosticism, anarchism, etc.

IN: Really all religions’, from what I’m finding so far, main goal is the renewing of your mind/ becoming one with God/ finding oneself, etc. I haven’t looked into scientology for example but I will say that I still believe I God. Whichever prophet or way we choose to bond and learn about a relationship with him is irrelevant to me, long as we get there u know? I’m not afraid to say I honestly dnt kno if all that’s in the qu’ran or bible or suras is 100% accurate. And who can be the judge ofbthat hut God himself. Its all in what we choose to believe is true. But one thing is true, and thats the renewal of our thinking.

CB: But where is there? Enlightenment (Buddhism) is ambiguous higher sense of the self when Christ charged us to actually BE the lights. Islamism, while defendants of Abraham, will show you that what YOU do will save you, when if you could save yourself then you would be God. There it’s no way to enter a perfect kingdom with an imperfect body, no more than clean water can come through a dirty faucet. Indeed our renewed mind is of the essence, but truth is truth in its own, and not everything that everyone chooses to believe is true. But, I have no doubts that God will reveal to you His truth in due time. God Himself allowed the people of Israel to live with their idols for a time. But eventually He commanded then to put them away and to walk in His truth that is eternal

IN: Is it not true that once u become enlightened that you are in a sense a light for others to follow? Bhuddism teaches after enlightment u teach those who aren’t the way to it (enlightenment).

CB: To what end? And to what are you becoming enlightened into? Our light stems not from an elevated and ambiguous self meaning, but the light we site is life from death, and that light is a reflection of Jesus, Himself who is THE light. This you will discover. When you are left with more questions than answers. When the truth you seek seems further away than ever. There will be One who will be awaiting your return :)…

IN: I dnt believe that jesus christ was the only enlightened one to walk the earth. And I also dnt believe that self meaning is the end of enlightenment. Just like being “christ like” is an everday struggle and process, so is the search for self meaning. Why are we afraid of death when death is just a doorway to new life? It shouldn’t be, but its human nature, basic human thought, to fear death. Its not till we elevate our way of thinking that we can get to a point where knowing death will come, but new life comes from it occurs

CB: On the contrary, I have no fear of death. In fact, I welcome it because I know the end is simply the beginning for us the are in Him. In your research, you may discover that 1st century Christian literally went looking for opportunities to be martyred because they believed it would guarantee their place with God. So they went preaching fearlessly. An example is found in Acts 14 in which Paul, after being stoned to death in Antioch, was reawakening and wen t right back into the city to finish his message. 1 Cor 15 declared: “O Death, where is your sting, Hades, where is your victory.” The meaning of which is that in Christ there is no longer a such thing as death, but as a transition. It is unfortunate that Buddhism would teach that your transformation is attached to this world and this universe, as none will argue that neither will last forever. True faith to the One that saved us all leads to a life that transcends this universe to a new existence, even when all if this passes away. Don’t get me wrong, they’re are many teachings of Buddha that line up with Jesus. And Ishmael is also the defendant of Abraham of which the Qur’an also shares many of the same accounts of the Jewish bible. Not to mention I love science more than most Christian ever will. But I love science because it gives us a glimpse into the masterpiece of Jesus’s work. It is when we remove Him from the equation that we fall into sin and lose our way.

IN: Right. But in christiandom, the only way to get to that mindset is through christ? There is no way to get to God or this transition but thru christ. I’m saying, you don’t a prophet ora religious belief to get to this point, you just have to believe it and its yours. In my own opinion christ was a great historical figure that took on the role during that period of enlightening a people that were enslaved by a jewish doctrine. The words of God whether in the bible, qu’ran, etc aren’t meant to enslave, but to build a relationship, with one another and with God

CB: And there is the error. To misunderstand and believe that Jesus enlightened people as a prophetic man and rescued then from a Jewish Doctrine.
Matt 5:17 – do not think that I came to destroy the Law or Prophets. I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

John 14:6 – no one comes to the Father except through Me.

His teaching are very clear and leave no room for ambiguity. You may not like to hear this but, according to this Bible, Jesus is the only way, and nothing/no one else.

IN: As he said, he didn’t come to destroy the law but to fulfill. Could it be that fulfill could mean to clarify? A lot of the translations in the bible now are incorrect from the original tanscripts. Could it be human error? You cannot be certain that this is the actual words he used at the time he said it.

CB: I can see where questions like that could breed doubt. Fortunately for us Hebrew and Aramaic languages do not use words that have double meaning like our synonyms. The word translated “fulfill”is actually pronounced plēroō, which means to render full, or to complete. He means that He is the fulfillment of everything written in the Law and Prophets. But, I recognize that, ultimately, your choices are your choices, and your journey is your journey. My payer for you it’s that your journey will lead you back home. You are my brother nonetheless and I love you and respect your desire to discover more than the status quo. And if you come up with any questions regarding The Christian faith, I trust you will find me a worthy resource and I welcome them all :).

IN: Oh yea bruh I welcome the prayers and the insight. Is it cool if I put this convo on the blog? I was gonna say something earlier but I didn’t want to alter the flow of the convo

CB: I see no reason not to share this conversation as long as it’s tactful. Of course. I look forward to reading people’s comments on the matter :).

IN: Oh of course. I’ll copy and paste all of it in its entirety. No alterations. Can I use ur name?

CB: Indeed you can.

-End of this conversation-


2 thoughts on “Alternative Minds Want to Know

  1. Wow! Excellent dialogue, such thinking on both sides is prevalent today. I’ve lived on both sides of this argument.

    I was in a similar mode of thinking to you IN so I also looked elsewhere and attended many profound Mahayanan Buddhist Teachings over 2 years and through this, long story short eventually had my own revelation of Christ.

    I too used to believe that many religions have a common strain and am still continually shocked by the crossovers between Buddhist and Judeo-Christian doctrine. However for now am leaving a question mark over that one.

    The only thing I would care to say is to properly weigh up a religion first look at its fruits (the practitioners).
    & ask yourself & God (if you believe in one) “Who is Christ?”

  2. This was truly a riveting conversation!!!

    My prayers are for you, my brother. Looking forward to more conversations like it.

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