What If Thought…. An Alternative Concept of God and more

This train of thought was written May 23, 2013 on a piece of card board I had because I had no paper at the time while I was working on my car. Its inspired by Alan Watts’ “A Conversation With Myself”. I’ll copy it in its entirety with my thoughts now in parentheses.

(A thought.) Thought is with us from the millisecond we open our eye’s. (Its existed in the same length that time has existed. Before we had a concept of time, time has always been there parallel to thought. And we cannot control neither time nor thought) What if the Bible’s account of creation was formed by the thought that before man, a thought created the Earth, moon, stars, and seas from a ball of fire?

What if thought is God? The thought that created existance? What if by “God” the writer meant “idea”? (And we replaced the title “God” with “idea”) An idea created the fire, earth, man, (all the way) to the destruction of man by man’s self destructive thinking? (The) Only the strong will survive mentality?

What if God is positive thought/idea and the devil (Satan) is negative thought/idea? If they use(d) pos/neg thinking bible says the mind of man (it might be the heart of man)is evil to no end. What if that means to explain that negative thinking is with us always. So is positive. (We just have a choice or free will in which thought to think with)

Adam (and Eve) from the start made a choice to eat the apple. Chose negative over positive. Meaning man will use thought negatively first before positive because its an easier/ sexier/selfish negative/ more attractive thought. The Devil said (to Adam and Eve) “You will knkw all that God knows.” And Adam chose to know all that God knows. Instead of trusring God/positive thought he chose knowledge/negative thought/devil (Satan)

Is it not man’s quest for knowledge/(the) light/enlightenment/technology/education/empowerment? Isn’t that also man’s quest? (Sorry I said it twice, but train of thought can’t be controlled) And isn’t (doesnt) the negative pursuit of that quest lead to (our) destruction? And keeping that “secret” to themselves is that not a way to control the people/sheeple to maintain power? Bell shaped curve, outliers get the 3 strike rule. (The bell shaped curve is a graph used to visualize the nature of a system and how the system’s main objective is to stay the same. To not be destroyed. Anything considered outliers are outside of the bell and whether good or bad the system will use progressive force to try to get rid of outliers in 3 main ways. 1. Buy it out to get the outlier to conform. 2. Discredit or defame. And 3. Destroy…. 3 strikes. Look it up.) If one party holds all the chips or (a majority) percentage of the chips cycling back to them, they maintain power/control/rules/man’s positive thought/God.

Positive quest for knowledge can kill man aswell. (For) Its not till we truly accept the face of death is when we truly live. Why do we wait till then, our 60s-78 to really accept the face of death and live in positive thought? (Maybe) Because those that hold the chips have the (job) to make us believe the face of death should be feared, negative thought/devil) not knowing we are not living. And they aren’t either unknowingly. What they don’t see (or maybe in some ways they do) is that selfish life they live is comfortable. But does not escape death, so they fear too. Its just a different (way) of fear(ing). We fear of dying broke and uncomfortable and do. They fear dying the same but do. Money and ruches don’t go with them.

So what if we chose to think (see/feel) positive(ly)/God/positive pursuit of knowledge/(to see our)self as gods? Or negatively/devil/negative pursuit of knowledge/selfishly.

What if they knew?

That was the 5th installment of Inside Nianda. Feel free to comment, share, like.


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