Rights for Sexual Preferance?

I recently got into a debate with someone because I agreed with Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings when he said “I don’t agree with it (homosexuality), but to each his own.” The guy got his feelings hurt because I feel the same way.

I’m not homophobic and neither is AP for saying that. We just don’t agree with gay marriage. Our opinions are just that opinions. But does that make me a bad person because I don’t believe in “gay rights?” No. I’m just a person who believes we shouldn’t have to make separate rights for who we choose to sleep with. Its a preference, a choice, its controllable. If sexual preference is something that we’re born with then we should release pedophiles and decriminalize prostitution.

I don’t think this is a government issue. Its a personal one that should be discussed between the 2 people involved with one another. If being married is on the hearts of a couple, why not have the ceremony. The paperwork involved after the actual marriage is more so for benefits and there are ways around that is there not? I could be wrong, but if you draw up and notarize legal documents designating someone to act as your power of attorney, shouldn’t that suffice for hospitals or banks? Do we really need the Supreme Court to be involved in this one? I mean really?

We say we want less government as a people but we’re allowing them into our personal lives and households by allowing them to chime in on this issue. We look for the government to take care of our every need and it shouldn’t be that way. They’re in place to serve us for the betterment of society, make decisions that benefit the masses. But we allow them to favor groups. Pass legislation for a minority instead of majorities. When we have people struggling to pay bills and eat on a daily, we have a people worried about getting married? I know I’m not the only one that sees the absurdity of this situation.

Im no way am I saying homosexuality is just this horrible thing. I just don’t agree with it and I don’t think I or anyone else should have to. Who I or you choose to sleep with is your business as long as its safe and not detrimental to anyone else or children. You can have sex with a goat as long as you’re not spreading diseases and its in the privacy of your property. Why let the government into our lives more than they have to?

This is Inside Nianda signing off. Share, comment, like. Thanks.


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