2 thoughts on “Passion of A Broke Being

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    • I’m very sorry for your situation. And I hope you didn’t take my post as glorifying being dead broke. It sucks. It hurts. Its really unexplainable unless your in the situation where you have a little less than 2 weeks till your next check and you know you only have $17 to last till then…. no gas in the car if you even have one. It sucks. And its like you can’t even think of anything free to do to alleviate the situation. My post was to give someone hope that its only temporary. You will get out of this hole. Hard times never last and if you can just make it to the next day, that’s one less day yiu have to live being, broke. Youre going to make it through. Even though I’m still going through my process I know one day soon my break will come. And yours will too.

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