gods with a little “g”

‘Speak those things as though they were and you will see the power of life in death from your tongue.

When I woke up this morning, I spoke of unexpected blessings over my life today and the power and mercy of Our Creator made the environment align to meet my need. I did this in no one’s name. I didn’t call on false idols or worship any man. I did this in expectation that my God is all powerful and showed in site of the odds against me. And even though it would seem like a minor victory to some, its confirmation to me that you either conform to the environment around you, or you can elevate yourself, submit to God’s will yourself and watch the environment move on your behalf. Peace & Blessings

In Awe

I can’t believe what I see;

I see a people free.

I see people who can fight for freedoms equally.

I see a people not controlled by a people,

Not sold by a people;

To have truth told by a people.

Any word spoken is validated by someone else.

That someone else is motivated by someone’s help.

With someone’s help we each build on the other’s self.

You can learn and teach another brutha wealth and how to attain it.

How to rearrange it.

How to define self in this arrangement.

I’m in awe.

And I can see an end game to all the fatal flaws.

I can’t be bought so my followers see the major costs.

I put my life out so anyone can feel me.

You can see the real me, so maybe you can feel me and identify the struggles that i go through.

The hunger I go through is spiritual.

Not to mention literal.

I’m not getting brownie points to give all my lyrical ability,

 I just want to see my people free.

So I’m in awe… because no matter how far

I can touch you out in England,

Seein me in New Zealand,

Seein me in the Congo Republic is where the semen that the individual sperm that made the words you’re seeing on the screen came from.

I was the only one.

I was the strongest one that gave my father a son,

That gave my mama a gift to lift her out of the bondage.

I been sent to find the lost ones.

They’re amazed but really the I’m lost too.

I can’t comprehend why anyone that He sends as examples to the world as to what it costs you to be free,

You’re in awe after He’s dead and gone.

Names live on but the message that they spoke dies.

The people hide under tokens and false sense of pride.

We’re going to wake up, its a matter of time when the awe is broken and we all align.

In awe.


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Who Are You Worshiping?


After you see everybody you haven’t seen in church service since Christmas and won’t again after today till Mother’s Day; 
As you feel good about rocking that new outfit paid for on credit just to be seen in a different one from last Easter; as you allow your children to search for eggs filled with candy; as you celebrate the glamour of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead…. the truth is you remain dead.

The concept of celebrating a resurrection thousands of years ago hasn’t or ever will change your conditions now.

So who are you worshiping??


Or yourselves? 


I Had A Dream

I had a dream…. 

I had a dream that I wanted to go to the mall so desperately and have a shopping spree. I hadn’t been in so long and I thought to myself “I don’t care what I have to do, I’m going to the mall.” I fantasized about the things I wanted to buy. The clothes. The shoes. Thinking about what I wanted and how I would feel having them fed my urge to just go and get them. Nothing would stop me. 

So I walked out the door and headed to the mall, still on a blissful high from the thoughts of all the stuff I was going to get. The streets were empty. The day was still and because I left the house early the sun had not yet pierced through the clouds. I hummed a tune of expectation just plotting out all of what I wanted to get, who was going to see me in it, and where I wanted to showcase my new clothes. All of a sudden I saw dead body laying in the street…. Then another…. and another. Then I saw a coffin. And a body laying on top of the coffin.  Then three bodies gathered in a pile over to my left. Another pile of dead bodies stacked over in front of a corner store that hadn’t opened yet. As I walked further I started notice dead bodies hanging from trees, on lamp posts, and out of apartment building windows. Most were just laying in the street.


But I wasn’t afraid… No. I began to dig through the pockets of the dead bodies, and in one I found a wad of cash money. I said to myself, “I can use this to buy me a couple suits and ties. Let me see what’s in here.” So I opened a coffin and rummaged through this dead bodies clothes in search of more money. I lifted the body and in the back pocket of this dead man’s pants was a wallet filled with cash. I started to thank God….

As I went further down the road I noticed more and more bodies strewn across side walks, in the street; piles of dead bodies along children’s playgrounds, and at gas stations. But I couldn’t help but think of the new shoes I wanted. So I went over to pile of bodies and from top to bottom went through each and every pocket of the men, women, and children that were in the pile. I found so much money I couldn’t hold it all. Some of the cash had blood on it, but that want my concern. I just really wanted to get enough money so that when I got to the mall I could buy whatever I wanted, no questions asked, because if I had to ask I couldn’t afford it. 


I found a woman who had been mutilated and discarded in a gutter; but her purse was big enough to hold enough money for me to take to the mall and get everything I wanted. So I ripped the purse from her shoulder and stuffed the cash I had collected in there. I threw the purse over my shoulder and thought, “If I need more money, I’ll just come back to these bodies later.” 

Hands bloodied. The shirt, pants, and shoes I had on were unrecognizable from the work I had to put in to gather all this money. And I thanked God again for helping me get what I wanted.

And then I woke up…..

We on this Earth are like dead bodies. Allowing those who are guided by thier lust for greed to rummage through our pockets, take what they want, have the spoils that our society has to offer, and come back for more when they get ready to; as they thank God for the spoils they’ve been given; as we just lie there. In piles. In poverty. In confusion. In disillusion to truth.

We’re like zombies, desensitized to death and destruction; turned completely away from higher consciousness.

Wake the fuck up……



Inspired the beautiful thoughts of J.B.

Far too many of…

Far too many of us “stand for something” to be accepted but in actuality we’re really standing behind the shadows of someone else. When your door is closed, and lights are off; when no one is around you, you deny who you really are to be accepted by mainstream. Unchecked character will ruin where your talents placed you.

We use quotes from great leaders when we truly don’t practice the message we simply believe in the fad of the name. A lot of Christians don’t have the love of Jesus Christ; thier just fans. Nelson Mandela had powerful words to combat oppression yet we find ways to emotionally and spiritually defeat one another on a daily basis. Malcolm X, The Honorable Marcus Garvey, the list can goes on of men and women who stood in thier convictions and did not waver. How dare we pervert thier quotes as if we feel the same but seek to hurt and destroy? We have no right. Real leaders go against the grain in spite of. Real leaders set trends. Real leaders create a new path. Real leaders create ways despite not having. Real leaders can’t be bought. 

I will not be bought.

Divine purpose. Walk in it. Stop taking.

When I was your man….. A Relationship Legacy

How my lady will remember me….

When I was your man I made you laugh. You would slightly grin at all my jokes, even the corny ones. It was kinda awkward that you made it known I could have you that early. All of you. But I played it safe; I kept it cool. I actually liked you and you liked me. We talked about dreams, our futures, our careers…. Picket fence around a 4 bedroom house with a garage and 2.5 kids. When I was your man you would make little gestures, or drop clues that I would pretend to not get so I could play innocent for that moment. Because for a second, maybe even 3 minutes, I thought about what it would be like to be with this you forever. To spend my days with this you. Chatting. You listening to me talk about whatever ideas about whatever things I wanted to do or ways to make a buck because in my mind you wanted someone with stability. With a plan. When I was your man you wanted me to succeed because you knew if I made it, WE made it. You knew that even though I told you I wanted to get to know you that if you helped me reach those dreams of mine, if you helped me with my plan towards a stable life for us, if you helped me succeed, then I would share my life with you. When I was your man all that mattered to me was you and your security. All that mattered was our plans for us.

When I was your man, you would talk to me, not at me. You would make me feel like I was wanted. Like you actually wanted me to be around me. And the sex….. was like our bodies knew exactly who the other was.  All that mattered was making sure you were happy despite how I felt. Despite what went through my mind of the grass being greener or how young I’m supposed to feel and be, your happiness made me happy. Your smile made me smile. Your joy made my day.

When I was your man, the little things you did would please me. The way you touched me told me you loved me and how you knew I would love you forever. I would listen to you snore, and because your rested in my arms it sounded like soft playing music on a rainy day with the blanket up to my chin. When I was your man, how you saw me meant so much to me. And I wanted to be the man who you saw me to be. I wanted to be as strong as 10 men. I wanted to have the inner strength of Confucius, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Dali Lama combined, maybe with a touch of Mohandis Gandhi. I wanted so badly to be sensitive; so badly to be assuring and reassuring. I wanted you to want me.

When I was your man I wanted to be vulnerable and to feel protected; because relinquishing my “manhood” was such a difficult feat, I wanted to know that it was safe with you to hold, to keep, to handle with care and give it back to me intact when I ask for it back without using it against me.

When I was your man, I saw you as my queen. Someone to treat royally and not take my kindness for weakness. I wanted us to set standards because I was your man. I felt like a trailblazer, a trend and goal setter. A peacemaker. A revolutionary. A protector. Yours.

When I was your man, the sky was the limit. I felt like a firework and you were my destination that I would burst into and fill the night sky with my amazing beauty.

When I was your man… I was, am, and will be… me.