Put YOU On Morning Show Special Guests!!






Community leader Micah Griffin, founder of Heal Our People Inc. will be phoned in tomorrow along with Ash CA$H who will grace the station with her presence and give her 2 cents on the state of our community. 8am PST / 11am EST. We’re touching all corners of the globe with this conversation right here on RestlessNationRadio.com.


Ask a Real Pastor


If you ever wanted to ask a real pastor a real question to receive a real practical answer tomorrow is your opportunity to get it in. Bishop Clinton Foster will be in the building!!! I’m excited for this one. Ask your questions on this post and listen in tomorrow on the Put YOU On Morning Show at 8am. Love yall.

Put You On Morning Show Starts Monday at 8am PST


In Me



I have been blessed with a platform to give you, the people, an opportunity to voice your concerns, questions, perceptions, and talents to the masses. Put You On Morning Show starts June 30 8am & 11am PST only on RetlessNationRadio.com. Help me change the world and allow your REAL TALK to become REAL ACTION!!