Building Blocks to Life

The world
is in desperate need of
Original thinkers.
Philosophers, who dare to speak
Fresh truth to power.
Not for the sake of gaining
Money, or power, or meaningless self comforts
But to empower.
To encourage thoughtful conversation.
True influence encourages
Those who follow
Not to be easily influenced
But to think for themselves,
To enhance thier life experience.

Negativity originates from a source
Outside of your self,
Because the self only acts to build.
To connect.
To create not to destroy.
Ideas built on negativity
Will never stand
Because the self was not involved.

Self reflected thoughts
Matter simply
Because they don’t conform
To the “norms” of a dying collective;
So challenge yourself
To think radically.
Think to build and create.
Think to love and harmonize. Think with originality,
Because one original thought
Can save your life
And the lives of humanity.


Evolution of Perspectives

The most meaningful part
Of the life processis the evolution of perspectives.
Through this we mature.
Through this we are able to create. Through this, our creations
Have profound impact and meaning.
Through this we find that we are
Not seperate from one another
Or from nature,
But we are one.

The majority of people
Don’t see this
Like understanding the sky is blue
Or grass is green.
They don’t use this concept
As a way of life.
The majority of the human race
Allow thier minds to be heavily
Influenced by institutions.

When you think for your self,
You will understand
How much you influence
You have on your world.
When you allow institutions
To think for you,
You have no control
And your life
Is rendered meaningless….

Dear Hell, Go to Hell.


Dear Hell,

We tend to fear you,
Even though the only Hell
Is a lack of understanding.
We create you.
Imagine you from times past.
I repell you.
Because even in the moments
That you had me
I seek to understand
And I move past.
So go to Hell.
The same place you’re
Fighting me to come with you
Maybe you can go and be comfortable.
It’s not for me so,
Pardon my back.
I don’t really need to deal with that.
You’re talking scraps
But I’m aiming for the prize.
Destractimg me with nonsense
But running out of time
You can feel it,
Been trying to conceal it for a while.
I step back,
I observe all of your movements,
Speaking truth
Only when warranted.
And while I elevate to higher places….
Your envy will keep you in your Hell.


Inside Nianda Speaks

A Toast to You

The tip of our wine glasses touch,
Resonating a pure sound
Of joy and “I love you so much.”
Within this gentle ring,
I hear our future children sing.
I hear my past disappear.
Disappointing moments
Fade until those pictures aren’t clear
And I don’t need them,
I only need the essence of this touch.
The vibration in this ring
Is like a subtle brain rush of passion,
Such satisfaction when
I stare into the depths of you.
Love me,
Since loving you
Is all I ever want to do.
To watch your hips sway
When you walk into our room.
Light a candle
And take me to places
I’ve never been.
A toast.
To you.
For all the new memories
Made from actually making love.
For all the chances given
Since we haven’t given up.
For erasing pain,
Creating new ways to define us.
This is a toast.
To you.
My love.

Happy Anniversary


A Definitive Piece of Work

The goal of an artist
Is to create an image
Or description of a thing
To articulate how it’s perceived
In the mind of the artist.

To do this,
The artist searches constantly
For the “deeper meaning”
Or a more profound explanation
Of everyday things
That most people take for granted.

If done effectively,
The audience and the artist
Can enjoy the same or similar profound experience,
Elevating their thinking together In a way unique to their own mind.


If that’s the case,
GOD is the most effective artist
To ever exist.
Be ye gods
And create.

San Diego’s Couple Continue

Thank you to the San Diego City Beat Magazine and Kinsee Morlan for covering our documentary The Nigga Project Experience and the lovely article that’s in the latest edition of the magazine. It was a pleasure and an honor.


The Price of Being A Superhero

Im feeling unappreciated
All the shit that I initiated,
It benefited you
But I feel so deflated.
I’m giving all I got
But really I’m underrated,
And it doesn’t make sense
How they’re using past tense.
I never did them wrong
But to me the last wish
Made it seem like they was done
By the way it lasted
I’m singing sad songs
From the crazy shit they did to me.
How could I last long
On this bittersweet symphony
They weren’t mentioning
How they help to pick me up. Whether its my jaw or my heart 
I have to lift it up.
Spirit broken
Cuz I feel it best to give it up.
I was trying to help,
But now I’m desperate.
On the back burner
Cuz they said they needed help with
Trying to live
And I was dying to give.
I had energy to invest
And I thought they was it.
Never intended to wind up without a friend…
But now im in it.
This was a test run
This was just a scrimmage
Cuz the rest my journey is just beggining.
While this was ending,
I felt the weight of the world
Pressing my inner man.
But in my past
The whole world saw the sinner man.
Now I gotta fight righteous
In spite of being hit with the drama that life gives,
I’m priceless.
This time spent tryin to save them
Was nothin to the memories
A broken heart gave them;
Nothing to the dreams of
Being the one that made them;
Nothing to the effort of
Learning to be engaged in a prodigy.
I dont want to bother them
But tell me why it bothers me
How easily they turned
When I vowed to give them all a me?
But that’s the life I chose.
Until the next episode
I suppose
That’s just the life of a superhero…..