The View From Outside… A Short Story

There lived a rich man who, despite being so combative and evil found himself living the high life with very little effort. He did as he wanted and received whatever he asked for from wherever he could get it no matter the means by which it came.  And he was comfortable.

His older brother on the other hand struggled through life. It seemed he could never catch a break, having to fight his way for the scraps life gave to him he was always on the brink of giving in. Because he was forced to beg and borrow he stayed humble, grateful to the people who helped him and always wanting to return the favors he was afforded but just  never having the means to do so.

One day there was  news of a catastrophic weather storm approaching in 3 years that would destroy the entire world. Everyone was in a panick and no one knew exactly what to do. It came to pass that a group of rich people came together and built bomb shelters underneath the ground and for $1 million dollars you could have a space for yourself and everything you wanted to bring with you. This space had all the amenities that they had above ground so that the rich would be so comfortable, they wouldn’t miss a thing. Life would go on. Poor people were left to fend for themselves.

It wasn’t long before the shelter was full and all the wealthy of the world went in to the shelter in a few months.
The various doors to the bomb shelter were left open so that the rich could get out, but it was gaurded heavily so that no poor could get in.

A year passed. The rich were living the dream. It was if they created a whole new world underground and it wasn’t long that they felt as if they had no need to go above ground for anything.

2 years went by; the poor were in desperate need and experienced major lack, but the rich left them to thier own devices, not caring what had to happen to them.

Year 3 came, and a heavy wind came and shut the doors of the shelter. The rich were safe, sound, and comfortable in the new world underground, while the poor were terrified; not knowing what was going to happen to them or the world they had to live in.

The poor brother, living in a shack exposed to the elements looked up to the sky and called to the universe saying “Thank you for the life I lived, I know that whatever happens will be for my highest good and I am safe in whatever you have in store for me and the rest of the world.”

All of a sudden a heavy vibration swept across the land and rain began to fall from the clouds. The poor brother looked up to the hills, and stretched over the cloudy sky was a rainbow of many different color shades.

The rainbow was visible to all the poor above ground, and a sense of great saftey fell upon the Earth. The doors of the shelter rusted, and cemented solid so that the wealthy were left to the devices they knew to be secure. Not knowing what was taking place above ground, they were satisfied being in the presence of the things they brought with them under ground.

The poor experienced all the wonders of The Universe that the poor brother had asked it for. There was no lack, hate, or sickness. The Great Vibration of Love radiated through everyone above ground and all of their needs were supplied. They too were safe and satisfied, and experienced life in the eternal light of The Universe.

The End.


This journey through my garden of trial and tribulation is my harvest from the negative seeds I’ve sown.
I’ve reaped so much rotten fruit and rightfully so.
After bad seed bears its fruit,
It appears ripe while still connected to the vine.
But as soon as its picked and eaten it quickley turns sour or evaporates into nothing but empty unfulfillments.

Im hard headed,
So it took me a while to see that during this season I will reap nothing but the negative seeds I’ve sown.
But that’s ok.
Because as I journey on through the thorns and thistles
Gaining blisters and tasting rotten fruit,
I replace what has been picked with good seed.
Seeds of love.
Seeds of forgiveness.
Seeds of mercy and understanding.
And in time my blisters will heal.
In time I will harvest good fruit that I can eat and share with those around me;
And bearers of good fruit.


Original Thinkers

The world is in desperate need of original thinkers and philosophers who dare to speak fresh truth to power. Not for the sake of gaining money, or power, or meaningless self comforts but to empower and encourage more original thinkers to speak. True influence encourages people not be easily influenced but to think for themselves to better thier own life experience.

Thoughts that encourage negativity originate form sources outside of ourselves, because all human beings have a fundamental need to build relationships, not to destroy them.

Your self reflected thoughts matter simply because they don’t conform to the “norms” of the dying collective.  So challenge yourself to think differently. Think thoughts that build and create. Think thoughts that love and establish harmony. Think with originality, because original thought can save your life and the lives of those ypu connect with.


The Moynihan Report Analysis

The Moynihan Report  


The Moynihan Report, written by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, is a research study and analysis on the social problems of Black society. It claims that if not remedied the problems will reoccur until the destruction of the black race as a whole. The report was written in 1965 while Moynihan served as the Assistant Secretary of Labor. He later served as a U.S. Senator.

This report is significant because it gives raw statistics and sheds light on the conditions that plagued the Black community during that time. The root causes of the destruction of the Black race are, as Moynihan pointed out, fundamentally stem from slavery, then progressed to the systematic barriers of “The Reconstruction Period.” The report also highlighted urbanization, unemployment and poverty, the inequality of the United States’ wage system, Black women as the heads of Black families, and the lack of positive male influence which leads to the failure of Black youth. These factors, Moynihan reported, are the causes of why Black families are broken and why black society was on the verge of desecration. These same issues remain in this present day.


Although Moynihan offered these reasons for the conditions of the Black race, the report gave no real solutions to these issues. Some have said that Moynihan’s subtle remarks about joining the military was a propsed solution. Although he did make favorable comments about the American military, its structure, and its ability to produce productive members of American society, the purpose of the report was not intended to find solutions. In fact, Moynihan’s purpose was to identify the problem so the solutions can be discussed by Black people themselves. The goal was never to provide the specific solution. “The object of this study has been to define a problem, rather than propose solutions to it.” (Moynihan) He also stated in the report “In a word, a national effort towards the problems of Negro Americans must be directed towards the question of family structure. The object should be to strengthen the Negro family so as to enable it to raise and support its members as do other families. After that, how this group of Americans chooses to run its affairs, take advantage of its opportunities, or fail to do so, is none of the nation’s business.” (Moynihan)


The Moynihan Report of 1965 gave the American public a Eurocentric perspective on black issues and what Blacks of that time faced. Depending on who is reading it and for what purpose the report has been heavily critiqued. From what I’ve seen, the common response by the Black community is overwhelmingly negative, which is understandable. Daniel Moynihan is not Black, so how could he understand the evolving psychological effects the Blacks have taken from the torments of the slave system? What credibility does Moynihan have on the subject? Who is he to comment on our problems and misfortune? How can one offer a Eurocentric diagnosis on a people, implying that Blacks are basically dysfunctional or destroying ourselves? All of these are valid questions. But at the same time we should understand that the report IS valid. The report HAS value. And despite the data being gathered, analyzed, and filtered through the conceptions of a European, The Moynihan Report CAN be used as a tool for Black people to produce solutions to repair a lost people.

I disagree with Daniel Moynihan when he reported that it will take a national effort on the part of the government to strengthen the “Negro family structure.” It isn’t the responsibility of anyone but us to strengthen our own family units. We, as Black people, need to unify , redefine, and set a universally recognized standard for what the Black family needs and The Moynihan Report can be a vital tool to accomplish this. Instead of criticizing the report, Blacks should be using it as well as other works to educate our people on these revolving conditions and to understand what has formulated public opinion of what the Black family structure looks like in the eyes of the European. While we point fingers at the report and the credibility of Daniel P. Moynihan, it’s not understood that what he predicted the outcome of the black society would be is in fact true to this day, nearly 50 years later. Just as he stated in the report, the plagues of the Black race will continue and will exponentially worsen if the roots of the reported isdues are not addressed.

I liken The Moynihan Report to The Prince written by Machiavelli. Yes, its teachings and analysis can be used by people of authority to govern or control the masses of a nation. But in the hands of the nation, it can be used against the evils that control that nation. Its imperative that Black society analyze this report and use it to our advantage. Take the data and infuse our own knowledge of self and psychological understanding and find a solution for our future.  If we sit back and wait for a government mandated definition of the Black family, we’ll not only be waiting till the end of time, but we will never fit that European mold that the definition will be derived from. It’s up to us to create the mold and implement it and The Moynihan Report among other great works can be a starting place for that discussion.  

Happiness Happened

In this season of my life of my life I’m realizing the amazement that happens when happiness happens.

Happiness happens in the aftermath of a loss, when you can come home to the one you love and gain everything back.

Happiness happens when a kiss on the forehead takes the memories of past hurts away.

Happiness happens when you seek to understand before being understood.

Happiness happens when you feel your child’s arms around your neck or when see you can feel the authenticity of their laughter, even if for a brief moment.

Happiness happens when you attempt to fade into the background, but a stranger’s greeting brings you’re being to the forfront.

Happiness happens when you receive divine instruction from a respectable source.

Happiness happens when your dying perspective shifts into life giving prophesy.

Happiness happens when you are open to receiving it. Its found in eternal experiences, not superficial pursuits.

I’m so happy because today, happiness happened for me.


The Nigga Project Experience Reloaded

The Nigga Project

If you are in the San Diego, CA or surrounding areas on  September 24th, The Nigga Project Experience will be playing at the Malcolm X Library. This 2 part documentary directed by myself, Inside Nianda Speaks, is a breath taking journey that scratches the surface of the “N” word and its effects on the Black community. After the documentary there will be a discussion on the topic: The “N” word in Black culture.

Also, immediately following the “The Nigga Project” the world premier of “My Community” will be shown. This moving documentary short is from the vision of The Lovely J.B. and her thoughts on the beauty of the Black community. You do not want to miss this FREE event. To RSVP please visit


There are times, like this very moment, when I feel overwhelmed;

Not by the many constraints of this world,

But by the innumerable possibilities of my mind.

The fog of who I was cannot cloud the light of who I am;

Who I will be is not dictated by the darkness of who you are. 

I am illuminated,

Penetrating your veil is solely your concern.

The strength of this light is this moment’s purpose;

The glory of this light is my shield.

This illumination brightens the path before me;

It guides my steps and shows me where to place my feet. 

I am illuminated.

-Inside Nianda Speaks


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